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Motion Graphics Portfolio


The Design Cultivation

2D Motion Graphics

The Design Cultivation is a social initiative that aims at combining design thinking and community work to better the lives of others. This series of Instagram GIF - like videos were done as a supplement to their campaign for their exhibition in July 2017.


Done with Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Illustrator.


ICO Explainer and Technology Videos

2D Motion Graphics

Jupiter Chain is a blockchain ecosystem that launched their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2018. These videos was done to explain the financial inclusion solutions for their blockchain ecosystem and the technology used behind their platform.

This was a series of videos that was done to help promote and explain to investors about their blockchain system.

Done during my time at Gram Pte Ltd using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator. Several plugins, such as Plexus and Trapcode Particular, were used as well.


Product Video

2D Motion Graphics

Airesone Junior is a smart wearable for children for parents to track their child's respiratory and heart rates. This was a 3 part video for their social media product launch in July 2020.

Done as a solo project using Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. 


And Why It's Awesome

2D Motion Graphics

SG Hawker Food - And why its awesome is a motion infographic detailing the benefits of the hawker culture here in Singapore.

Done as a solo project using Adobe After Effects and Illustrator.


Composited Film

Live Action Film with VFX