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CG Portfolio

CG Animation


Final Year Project

Homegrown is a 3D animated story about love and familial care. It follows the journey of an old man and a terrapin who meet by chance and find a family in each other. With time however, they discover that all things must grow and come to an end.

The story and style is inspired by multiple Pixar films and shorts, as well as many lazy Sundays daydreaming and walking along Chinese Gardens.

For this project, I am the lead modeller, compositor and render artist. I am also the sub rigger and texturer for this project. Initially, I decided to start in Zbrush but I decided to do the modelling entirely in Autodesk Maya, maintaining good topology on all my models and being able to get the detail i need for them as well.

Done as a group of 4. Modelling, Rigging in Maya, Rendered in Arnold and Compositing in Nuke done by me.


Rube Goldberg Machine

3D Animation

Goldburger is a 3D Rube Goldberg Machine contraption done for a school project. (Pardon the Arnold Watermark due to having a student license)

Done as a solo project using Autodesk Maya 2017 and Adobe After Effects.


Dual Channel Projection

3D Animation

Double Life is a Dual Channel Projection animation that features two humanoid figures interacting with each other in a mirroring effect.​ This is an attempt to utilise motion capture data to create dynamic figure dancing animations.

Done as a solo project using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

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